Yessica & Alfred

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How They Met:


We met at my previous job. My boss sat him down a few seats down from where I was with my team. At first, we didn’t speak to each other because there was a rumor going around that he was the boss’s cousin. So, we stayed away from each other. A few months pass and my boss decides to put him in my team of analyst, which I wasn’t truly happy about the decision since I thought he wasn’t a right fit for my team. He stayed quiet and to himself most of the time, so it was up to me to break the ice. Once we did start to talk, I realize how much of a big heart he had and was a total gentleman! We developed a friendship that continued through my career transition. Our relationship really took off after I left the company. Fast forward to today and we are still as madly in love as we were then and have added a precious baby boy into our family.

Their Love Story:

On February 10, 2013 I lost the person whom I felt was supposed to be the one I would spend the rest of my life with. Losing him completely shattered my life including our families. I saw Mario for the last time on February 14th and that was the day I decided that I was not meant to love again. I just felt I was not going to ever find someone to love me with the same passion and commitment as he had towards me. He was always surprising me with roses and that Valentine’s Day was the first time I didn’t get to receive one from him. So, for years after that I stayed pretty much to myself. Then, on February 14th, 2016 there was a single long stem red rose on my desk. Nobody knew how it got there and no one saw who put it there. I didn’t figure out until months later that it was Alfred that put that rose there. At that point in our friendship he had no idea of what I had gone through and what a rose like that meant to me. That rose brought me a comfort I hadn’t found in anyone in a long time. That’s when I knew we were meant to be together. He was and is my happy beginning.

Their Personal or Family Wellness Impact Statement:

Although I had lost Mario, I never lost the relationship I had with his mother and the rest of his family. Till this day they are a huge part of me. It was important for me to keep them in my life as we lifted each other up in such a difficult time. It was important to me that if I ever found someone that they would respect that relationship and accept them as an extension of my family. Luckily, Alfred did just that. And now we visit with them as if they are my own parents and we have such a wonderful bond!

Their Plan to Pay-It-Forward:

Everyone deserves love and a chance to celebrate that love surrounded by the people that you love and care about! I would want to pay it forward and also help celebrate someone else in the same situation as I am that wants to have their dream wedding but can’t afford it.

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