Stephanie & Christopher

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How They Met:


We are High school sweethearts!

Their Love Story:

We have faced a lot of hardships through our relationship; from illness to long distance. Regardless of what has been thrown our way, we have loved each other through it! He’s absolutely my best friend and the love of my life.

Their Personal or Family Wellness Impact Statement:

We work well as a team and always find a way to overcome obstacles together. When Christopher needed a heart transplant in 2013, it obviously impacted us back then, but it also impacts our future together. We grew stronger by finding ways to have wellness as a couple so we can go forward with his new heart for as long as possible.

Their Plan to Pay-It-Forward:

By giving hope to those who have been affected by terminal/life-threatening disease. There is more to life than hospital visits and procedures! There are things to look forward to and someone to love.

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