Montrenique and Ronald

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How They Met 


My fiancé and I originally met when I applied for a job at the Texas medical Center YMCA and we didn’t really have a formal meeting, but it was the first time we saw each other. I was not interested at the time because I was not interested in dating. However , later down the line we had a mutual coworker that were still friends with to this day who brought us together for a co-working game night at work. I didn’t realize that he was interested from that day  but he had some preconceived notions about me and I had some about him ha! After talking to him at that game thing we talked a lot more after that in fact he “stole” my phone to get my phone number and my social media handles and then proceeded to daily help me at the end of the day with my class cleanup.  It seemed like instantly we had a lot of values in common and really clicked.

Their Love Story:

I think the special thing about our relationship aside from the fact that we met in the medical center and we’re hoping to win a wedding in the medical center is that from the moment he stole my phone he was extremely considerate and our personalities though very different come together beautifully. We essentially met at some  of the roughest points in our life. In fact I had a health scare in my family and he was dealing with some personal issues that were affecting his family.  Those problems provided an opportunity for us to lean on each other. It really accelerated the whole “falling in Love” process. In those moments we didn’t know that God was preparing us  for times later down the line we would lean on each other. We created a bond from day one.  I think the fact that he stole my phone is very unique because it’s a story that will be able to tell our children being that we are young adults and usually people meet on social media but he was very “Old school” in his  approach which I will always cherish because we have a very interesting story to tell our kids.

Their Personal or Family Wellness Impact Statement:

Cancer and mental wellness issues have directly impacted many families and ours are no different. We have hereditary diseases on both sides that create a sense of awareness in us. Although we are young adults, we will tell anyone that we always push professional help whether it be mental, physical and/ or spiritual. Seek wisdom if you’re struggling with spiritual questions and seek tools if you’re dealing with mental wellness. We have found it extremely important to seek out the knowledge and tools to better our relationship because we want to pass on better habits to our children and instill in our family the importance of overall wellness. Society today is extremely dangerous mostly because we have all this knowledge but lack a lot of facts and young adults don’t always see the need to get the facts when it comes to overall wellness and we’re big on that.  We try to be mindful especially lately on what we put in our bodies and its direct impact on our physical health, our energy and, our mental health.  So, I would say wellness has impacted our lives Tremendously.

Their Plan to Pay-It-Forward:

We find it necessary to sow into the men’s health ministry at our church.  Pastor Cofield Is using ministry to help men see the importance of wellness checks both for young and seasoned. He preaches and teaches through actions the importance of health, especially with men setting a tone in the family. My Fiancé would like to do his part in furthering the awareness.  The marriage ministry is also so close to our hearts because its truly helped us get prepared for marriage after the wedding.  We’d hoped to be more involved in using our lessons as young adults preparing for marriage to help other young adults and further the idea of long-lasting marriages through trials and tribulations. We are fully aware from the start that we didn’t have the biggest clue, but we’ve had a year and a half engagement that has taught us so much.  This would be an extreme blessing as planning our wedding was put to a halt due to my fiancé job loss , but God prepared us  and strengthen our faith lesson after lesson and God has provided Employment opportunity for him. We know it would be our  duty to also pay it forward by being a blessing in our daily lives.

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