Markeshia & Bakari

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How They Met:


Soooo, we actually met twice and didn’t know it. The first time we met, he worked at Aaron’s Sales & Leasing while he delivered the furniture I ordered. I thought he was SO cute! I gave him the “female signal” to let him know it was okay to talk to me, but he did not take the hint (lol). Ironically, his co-worker took the hint for himself and tried to talk to me. I wasn’t interested to say the least. His co-worker had to tell him only after I told his co-worker (too much work already lol). Finally, he approached me, we exchanged numbers, and I invited him to a huge party my brother was hosting that evening. Bakari never showed up. I deleted his number after he told me he was “busy” and couldn’t make multiple meetups. Two years later, we met again at Boston Market. I was coming from church with my bestie and saw this guy that was super cute and looked familiar at the same time. I didn’t know where I knew him from. I just thought he was cute. This time, he made the biggest effort to talk to me while I was simply minding my own business. We still didn’t know who each other were. In hindsight, Bakari told me that when he looked up and saw me, he softly whispered to God, “If she’s the one, give her to me. 😀 He was working, so he took a risk. He wrote his number on receipt paper, gave it to his manager, and asked her to give it to me. That was bold! His manager was not too fond of the idea at first. She gave it to me though, then my bestie and I sat to eat. Bakari came from behind the counter and delivered a freshly made order just for us. I called him two weeks later and the rest is history in the making. From a stranger (twice) to the love of my life.

Their Love Story:

Yes, three things. First, he proposed to me on national television!!!!!!!!!!! Second, our paths crossed twice. We had no idea we’ve met two years prior. It was like meeting him for the first time all over again. We figured it out once we started getting to know each other better. The special thing is he knew he was going to marry me the second time he met me. Third, he’s a musician and I’m a church girl amongst other things. We were not “supposed to be together. We’re seen as the good girl and the edgy guy. Yet, we are perfect for each other.

Their Personal or Family Wellness Impact Statement:

Currently, my personal wellness impacts my relationship with Bakari in a way I’d like to change. I need to do better with my physical health. Mentally, spiritually, and emotionally I am in a great place. I’m just working on relaying that to my physical form (lol). Our goal is be healthy and energetic for our future children and grandchildren. To promote a lifestyle of healthy eating choices and mental stability. We are making plans that will ensure our family maintains a healthy lifestyle, so we can enjoy each other for years to come.

Their Plan to Pay-It-Forward:

This makes me sooo happy! There is a nonprofit organization called Cultivating Queens (CQ). Their mission is to inspire, uplift, and motivate high school girls while teaching them lifestyle choices, building confidence, and self-identity. If I win, I will personally invite selected members to our wedding. As a formerly insecure little girl, I want them to see that they do not have to settle for anything they don’t deserve and that they’re beautiful just the way they are. I’ve suffered from an extreme case of insecurity and I want other young ladies to know and to witness that greatness is in you if and when you believe. I want my wedding theme to be “Royal/King & Queen” because that’s exactly what and who we are. It would be an honor to allow the girls of CQ to experience such an auspicious occasion that will show them what can be available for them if they continue to dream big. I’d also donate a portion of what I would have spent on my wedding to help support CQ’s mission. That’s how I’d pay it forward.

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