Aby and Isaac

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How They Met:


It was the summer before our junior year in high school. We were both on the same summer backpacking trip and I (Aby) was a student leader for our backpacking group. Isaac hadn’t been on a practice trip, so he technically wasn’t supposed to be on our trip, but by some twist of fate, he ended up on our trip and in my group. He was seated in front of me on the plane headed to Reno, NV. I was trying to nap and couldn’t because the people in front of me were laughing and talking. All I could see was a head of curly hair bouncing around in front of me so I pulled it and asked if they could keep it down. The curly head belonged to Isaac and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

Their Love Story:

We grew up on completely opposite sides of Houston with nothing or no one in common and we ended up meeting on a plane that he wasn’t even supposed to be on until a week prior. Our relationship has had tons of ups and downs and we’ve learned to grow together and get through some of the best and toughest moments life can bring. Fate really did bring us together to be each other’s support through life.

Their Personal or Family Wellness Impact Statement:

We’ve both been through trying times. Right after we met, Isaac’s mother had to go away for some time, and he struggled without his greatest support system’s presence through a very pivotal time in his growth and development. It taught both of us to really be thankful for those around us and what they mean to us. Recently, my father passed away suddenly and my world came crashing down on me. Isaac has been my rock and strength and has taught me to be present and grieve in any way I can to bring me and my family peace. We love our families and the experiences we’ve had are a guiding force for what we want our future and our family’s future to look like.

Their Plan to Pay-It-Forward:

I work for a small nonprofit school for students from low-income families in Houston. Our mission is to get students into and through college and I’ve dedicated the last six years to the school. Planning a wedding has long been our dream but seems impossible with the time and resources I am left with. Winning this contest not only means being able to allocate funds towards my students and their families but allows Isaac to move onto our campus to assist the students as well. Our goal is to work together to help get able and motivated students into college in any way possible, be it creating scholarship funds, providing extra tutoring, or just being a support system for our students.

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